About Us

Contronics Engineering BV was founded in 1981 and we developed our first ultrasonic humidifier in 1984. The humidifier was successfully integrated in refrigerated cabinets. This system prevents the drying out and decay of fresh produce in a natural way. In 1999 with the support of the EUREKA organisation in Brussels, Contronics developed the Sanifogger, a tremendous step forward in hygiene and durability. In 2002 the company was awarded the EUREKA Lynx Trophy for this innovation and its commercial success. In the same year the fogging system for non-refrigerated fruit and vegetable displays was invented and Contronics introduced Fresh in > Fresh out. Cooling was realised without energy eating compressors saving 90% on power consumption. In 2005 by order of Wynn's we developed the first ultrasonic chemical nebuliser, the Aircomatic. Then in 2007 we developed a new series of highly economic (frequency) controllers by order of Vostermans Ventilation. This was followed in 2012 by CoMoCo, the smartest motor controller ever. In 2013 Contronics was awarded the European Business Award, in the category best European Business with a turnover <€25m.
In Europe market leader in the field of humidifying fresh produce with 30 reliable distribution partners in the world. Production of 2,500 systems and 5,000 smaller humidifiers per year. In 2014 a total of 25,500 humidifying systems were operational around the world. The total number of Aircomatic units that have been sold is > 50,000 and 4,000 fan controllers leave our factory annually.
We have 34 highly qualified employees, of which there are 6 in R&D, 6 in electronics, 6 in assembly, 6 in maintenance and service, 7 in logistics and office and 3 in the Management Team.
Added Values:
Leonardo da Vinci was not an inventor. He was brilliant at copying, combining and improving existing techniques. This resulted in usable equipment. Leonardo is an example for Contronics. Our development team continually works on improvements using specialist knowledge in:
• Intelligent motor control
• Frequency control
• Humidification
• High frequency piezo technique
• Adiabatic cooling
• Water management
• Ozone technique
• Fine nebulising of chemical liquids
Our vision
It will be a huge challenge to provide the world's population with fresh healthy food. Much of the food currently produced goes to waste.
If everything harvested could be placed on a plate, and served fresh, we would take a giant step in the right direction.
• Healthy living and eating will play an increasingly important role.
• Careful use of raw materials and a sustainable approach to the environment will be crucial.
• Contronics has the techniques to develop and produce equipment that will make a huge contribution towards solving these issues.
Our mission
Develop and produce equipment that can make a positive contribution to:
• Keeping fresh food fresh
• Living healthily and enjoying life
• Sustainable environmental management
Our R&D force, the management, people in the office, production and our partners have one joint motto:
Our contribution to a better world
Contronics is helping to realise the Kyoto targets: An average system achieves an energy reduction of 25,000 kilowatt. The 25,000 operational systems accomplish an enormous contribution to a cleaner environment by reducing CO2 output by 0.3 megatons every year.
India is the second largest food producer in the world. Sadly most of the crops do not end up at the dinner table, but are destroyed in the distribution process. Contronics is a proud partner of a group of prominent Indian entrepreneurs that are devoted to the target of changing this situation. Green vegetables that stay fresh longer, for days, means less waste, better distribution and healthier life all over the world.
About the directors
Mr. Frank Bakker is managing director of Contronics Engineering BV, a Dutch-based company. He entered the company as an interim manager in 1996. In 1998 he and Mr. Feitse van der Zouw, the technical manager, took over the company from its founder in a management buyout. In the beginning Mr. van der Zouw was responsible for everything technical and Mr. Bakker for the financial and commercial concerns of the company.
The company grew from a turnover of € 0.5m to € 6m and the management grew with it. The management team now consists of a production manager, a development manager and a communications manager who is in charge of daily operations.
Mr. van der Zouw is now in fulltime research and Mr. Bakker is the creative leader of the company taking care of developing new markets and new products. He has extensive experience in applications in which the company specialises combined with a deep knowledge of physics, chemistry, aerodynamics and installation issues. He also possesses a broad business network, including valuable contacts in government and scientists from various universities.