KLIK Nieuws Udens Weekblad (Dutch)

Primeur bij JUMBO De Laak


RTL Z 6 July 2017 (dutch)

Mist als wapen tegen voedselverspilling.


NOS Jounaal 3 July 2017

Mist houdt groente en fruit langer goed.



Less waste of fresh produce


AGF WEEK 23 (dutch)

Dry-mist system



Atricle about Fresh Demo results


EVMI.NL (dutch)

News Food Waste



Article about our Italian Partner


VNO NCW Opninieblad Forum

Handelsmissie Australië


African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development

Reducing World Losses: Fresh Demo Project Introduces ‘Contronics Humidifiers’ Solution to Agri-Food Losses


BakeryNext (dutch)

Ultrafijne mist leidt tot betere broodkwaliteit


High Growth Summit (dutch)



Baking Better Bread with....Contronics humidifiers




ULTRABAK technology on page 17.


Bakery and (English)

A very good and informative article about the ULTRABAK technology for Bakeries


Berrico newsletter (Dutch only)

Very nice article in the Berrico newsletter!


Kanaal Z uitzending (Dutch only)

The TV program Netherlands NV, is broadcast at the Belgian national station Channel Z (1.3 million viewers). All broadcasts and reports can be seen on this platform (Netherlands NV) to promote interregional cooperation between entrepreneurs, companies and institutions in the Netherlands and Belgium.




Save billions of bananas with the magical fog machine. (Dutch only)

Almost half of all fruit and vegetables has been corrupted for it ended up on our plates.

Article by Lucien Hordijk



BNR Business News Radio (Dutch only)

Interview Zaken doen met.....



European Business Awards 4 (English only)

Video of Award ceremony (Contronics Award winning)

Interview winner EBA Award



Contronics (Dutch only)

Financieel Dagblad 13 July 2013

Translated interview (English)


Bosch Parade Contribution (Dutch only)

Omroep Brabant



Fresh in Fresh out 2

Supermarket experience May 2013



Fresh in Fresh out 1

Supermarkt experience May 2013



European Bussiness Awards 2 (Dutch only)

RSMagazine Spring 2013


European Business Awards 1 (Dutch only)

Bedrijvig Veghel April 2013



Fresh in Fresh out

Cool & Comfort Magazine (Belgium)



Straaljager piloot in een mistdeken

Programma groeiversneller


AIRMAX (Dutch only)

Bedrijvig Helmond-Deurne 2011



AIRMAX (Dutch only)

Bedrijvig Brabant November 2011



AIRMAX (Dutch only)

Eindhovens Dagblad 05-10-2011



Minder kwaliteitsverlies door bevochtigen (Dutch only)

European Fruit Magazine No. 8 - 2010



Kwaliteitsverbetering met luchtbevochtiging in perencellen (Dutch only)

AGF Nederland 7 July 2010



WUR artikel Ultrasone nevel houdt groente en fruit fris (Dutch)

Magazine voor beleidsmakers van EL&I



WUR article Ultrasonic mist keeps fruit and vegetables fresh (English)

Magazine for policy makers of EL&I