Contronics makes mist. We are leader in ultrasonic humidification solutions for the fresh food supply chain and retail. Covered with a blanket of ultrafine mist at each stage of the supply chain, fruits, vegetables, meat and fish stay fresh for much longer.


As 40% of the food harvested do not make it to the consumer’s plate, we waste an obscene amount of food. Reducing food loss and waste is considered to be one of the most promising measures to improve food security in the coming decade.

We have found a way to address food waste; with Dry Mist technology. This mist can prolong the freshness and shelf life of fruits, vegetables and other products by keeping them hydrated and cool.

Applied at every stage of the supply chain, from postharvest through storage and transport to the supermarket shelf, Dry Mist enables a 50% reduction in food waste.

How we work

Our mission is to do our share in the battle against food waste. Our ultrasonic Dry Misting technology has helped us do this for decades — and not just us.

Among our customers more than thousands of systems are currently in use worldwide.

With the support of our 30 international distribution partners, Contronics is a leading name in the fresh food supply chain, due to the reliability and hygiene of our systems.

We offer:

  • Tailored consultation regarding applications, without obligation
  • Support through all stages, from planning to installation
  • Service and maintenance


1981: Contronics is founded.

1984: The first ultrasonic humidifier is developed.

1999: With the support of the EUREKA organisation in Brussels, the Sanifogger is developed – a tremendous step forward in hygiene and durability.

2002: Contronics is awarded the EUREKA Lynx Trophy for the Sanifogger and its commercial success.

2002: Contronics has introduced Fresh in > Fresh out, the Dry Misting system for non-refrigerated fruit and vegetable displays.

2008: Milestone of 25,000 Dry Misters in operation

2013:  Contronics is awarded the European Business Award, in the category of best European Business with a turnover <€25m.

2014:  Contronics has led the European Research Project Nanobak, demonstrating how Dry Mist humidification allows bakeries to improve bread quality and optimise their proofing, baking and cooling processes saving on energy at the same time.

2015:  Contronics is leading the European Research Project Fresh Demo, showing how Dry Mist humidification enables a significant reduction in food waste in the fresh produce supply chain.

2016:  Contronics is awarded the Global Food Industry Award by the International Union of Food Science and Technology at the World Food Congress in Dublin, Ireland.

2020: Contronics is awarded The Horizon Impact Award by the European Commission for its research project “Fresh Demo”. With this EU funded project, Contronics has proven that their Dry Misting technology makes a significant contribution to reducing food waste.