Reducing world food losses: Fresh Demo Project introduces ‘Contronics Humidifiers’ solution to agri-food losses.

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Have you ever seen how fruits and vegetables wither very quickly in supermarkets? This happens because for fruits and vegetables to stay fresh, they need not just the shade to protect them from the sun; they also need a moist environment to stop them from losing their internal water content due to the natural breathing process (evapo-transportation). This is because fruits and vegetables remain alive even after harvesting and hence lose their water by natural breathing. Besides, the supermarkets’ arid airstream from air conditioning accelerates this breathing process. As a result, most fruits and vegetables will lose their water content quickly and wither within a few hours.

The Fresh Demo innovation is counteracting this phenomenon by giving fruits, vegetables and other fresh food like meat and fish exactly what they need to stay fresh and look appealing. The best part of this innovation is that it is energy efficient and thus cheaper than any other preservation method currently available in the market. This innovation scooped the best price in the food preservation innovations category as voted by the expert panel of IUFoST at the congress in Dublin in August, 2016.

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