Humidifiers & Art

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Contronics Humidifiers are elevated to Art.

Het Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam has purchased a work of art by Saskia Noor van Imhoff. A large part of this artwork is a Contronics humidifier. The exhibition is showing until 8th May 2016.

Saskia Noor van Imhoff has her own particular style.  This piece references both the architecture of the Stedelijk Museum galleries and its collection. She has retrieved little known items from the museum’s storage depot, integrating conservation, classification and the storing of art into the installation.  Specially for this artwork, the artist has included a Contronics humidifier which serves to question the delicate balance of the museum climate. Contronics humidifiers are part of a specially designed range of products which humidify vegetables, fruit and meat kept in cold stores or refrigerated cabinets. The food stays fresh longer and waste is reduced.

According to curator Leontine Coelewij: “Van Imhoff engages with critical research into museum strategies. The way in which the meaning of artworks is affected by a museum’s guidelines and systems is inherent to her work.” The Contronics humidifier here represents preservation.