First for Ireland as pioneering technology puts local produce centre stage

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To ensure our exceptional locally grown fruit and veg remain centre stage instore, we have recently invested in the very first Dry Mist system in Ireland.
Inspired by the morning mist hanging over a crop field, the Dutch company Contronics developed their Dry Mist® system to preserve food naturally and safely for longer.  It uses ultrasonic technology and purified water to make water droplets which are 1000x smaller than a raindrop, surrounding produce with fine mist.
As the mist evaporates, the humidity rises and the temperature drops naturally. This prevents produce losing moisture and maintains freshness, colour and nutrients for a significantly longer time, without getting wet.

This extremely safe method of extending shelf life is more sustainable than refrigeration as it reduces waste, energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

The system is mounted within the first of several bespoke displays which are designed and crafted locally.  Designed by John Gavin of True Output, metal fabrication by Niall Power of Advantage Engineering and woodwork by Sean O’Hare underpinning our ethos of supporting local whenever possible.
This is another step in our drive for sustainability.  We are investing in new technologies and innovation to reduce our carbon footprint, increase our sustainability and put great local food centre stage.

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