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The introduction of the HU-1445-I, a nebulizer for large area, at the Hortifair 2011 in Amsterdam was very successfull. We made very good international contacts in the area of Horticilture, Germination and crops. Also our humidification products were very well received.

The HU-1445-I is a powerful device that atomizes electrolysed water and is able to disinfect a large area. The nebulizer features chemically polished steel RVS 316L for a durable long status. It operates automatically on a timer or hygrostat.

The internal components have been fully isolated to prevent electrolysed water from being deactivated.


HU-1445-I-EN-datasheet            Electrolysed Water AQUANOX-NL-EN-datasheet

HU-1445-I-NL-datasheet            Video impression of the Horti Fair 2011 (Contronics at 02:10 min)