Cold storage

The condensers in refrigeration systems draw moisture from the air and, as a result, from the produce in the cold store. The greater the temperature difference, the more water is drawn out. Dry Misting technology developed by Contronics will help you counteract this effect.


When maturing (mainly) soft cheeses, high humidity is required. Cheese producers use controlled humidity to accurately manage the ripening process. The desired relative humidity for this process can be as high as 95%. Our Dry Misting technology is able to provide these high levels of relative humidity without causing wetness on the product and in the chamber.


Throughout the aging process, a large measure of the valuable wine evaporates from the wooden barrel. It can lead to significant losses in yield. We can help reduce this evaporation loss by 70% by applying Dry Misting technology in wine cellars without causing wetness and mould.


Cigars are produced in regions where the air is relatively humid. To maintain their rich quality, cigars should be kept in a humid climate during storage and in humidors. Our Dry Misting technology can provide high relative humidity without wetting the cigars, enabling optimal circumstances to maintain the highest cigar quality.


Cut Flowers: Apart from the right temperature, some freshly cut flowers favour high relative humidity. The condensers in refrigeration systems draw moisture from the air and, as a result, from the fresh flowers. Thanks to Dry Misting technology, fresh flowers maintain their moisture level and freshness over a longer period of time.

Flower Bulbs: Flower bulbs, need to be humidified to soften their skin so that they can be peeled efficiently. Our Dry Misting is proven to be the best solution for this as it minimises mould growth and enables quicker drying after peeling, compared to other technologies.

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The longer the distribution route, the bigger the challenge to offer freshness to the consumer. To help you with this, we have developed a solution to apply Dry Misting technology during transportation.


Besides misting with only the purest water, Dry Misting technology can also be combined with the natural antimicrobials (bioflavonoids) and ECAS (electrolyzed water). By these methods the aerosols get disinfecting properties. It is 100% non-toxic and non-corrosive. The combined effect results in the further extension of the shelf life of the fresh products as the antimicrobials limit the growth of micro organisms on the product.