Humidity is one of the most decisive factors in the baking process directly affecting the quality of the bread. Contronics produces fine mist (Dry Misting), which allows you to further improve the quality of your product, optimise your baking process and save on energy all at once.

Prompted by the European Commission’s NanoBAK research project (, Contronics cooperated with several prominent associates from the baking industry to develop a unique form of technology to apply cold mist during the proofing and cooling process in bakeries.

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Our ultrasonic humidifiers produce an extremely fine, cold mist, consisting of droplets between 1-2 μm in diameter. The aerosol is directed through the proofing chamber by an air current. Some of the droplets evaporate immediately, causing humidity to rise evenly and without condensation. The remaining droplets remain suspended and settle on the dough, forming a miniscule layer of moisture.


The fine layer of moisture delays the forming of the crust in the oven, so heat transfer into the dough is improved; it is transmitted faster, deeper and more evenly through the bread.

  • The increased humidity and the miniscule layer of moisture on the dough will prevent the bread from drying up and developing a crust prematurely.
  • Subsequent processing is improved: the dough does not stick and has more stability, increasing the ease of handling.
  • Our technology can be applied during any stage of the rising process and at any temperature.
  • The relative humidity can be regulated closely, up to 100%.
  • Our technology allows for baking and proofing at lower temperatures, or for shorter durations, which saves on energy.


The fine mist of tiny water droplets is injected into the air current of the cooling facility (whether artificially or naturally cooled). The droplets immediately evaporate, raising the relative humidity while at the same time contributing to refrigeration through the adiabatic process (evaporation causes expansion, which causes a drop in temperature). For the purpose of cooling, one litre of evaporated mist yields the same result as 0,7kW of energy.


  • Contributes to the cooling process: higher humidity, lower temperature and/or less energy consumption;
  • Cooling time can be reduced;
  • Bread is easier to process further (e.g. cutting), which reduces waste;
  • This system can also be applied to thawing or freezing.

Higher quality of bread

  • Bread dries up less;
  • Bread retains more weight;
  • Bread appears fresher (crispier, fewer cracks in the crust).


Besides misting with only the purest water, Dry Misting technology can also be combined with the natural antimicrobials (bioflavonoids) or ECAS (electrolyzed water). By these methods, the aerosols get disinfecting properties. It is 100% non-toxic and non-corrosive. The combined effect results in the further extension of the shelf life of the fresh products as the antimicrobials limit the growth of micro organisms on the product.



We offer a wide range of humidifiers, with a capacity from 0.5 L/hr to a maximum of 100 L/hr.

Our humidifiers have been developed especially for humidifying fresh products. The consistent operation of thousands of systems, all around the world is a testimonial that our technology is a guarantee for durability and hygiene.

Water treatment

A water treatment system is a necessity. To guarantee durability and optimal hygiene. We offer a range of reverse osmosis water treatment systems with capacities from 10 L/hr up to 100L/hr. Our systems filter out any minerals, salts, bacteria and even viruses. This is essential for safe operation and minimum maintenance.

In addition, we offer a solution to dose fluids like ECAS, or natural sanitizers, into our Dry Mist.


Our controllers are equipped with various functions: hygrostat, capacity, remote, time blocks, solution, etc..The humidity sensor is able to measure the relative air humidity and temperature with precise accuracy, even in areas of higher relative humidity.


We offer a range of diffusers. They are specifically designed for optimal Dry Mist® distribution and easy integration in your display. Whether you need 360° mist distribution or only a specific area, we would love to help you find the solution that suits your wishes.

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The NanoBAK project

Summary: The NanoBAK2 project will scale up, demonstrate and disseminate the technical and economic innovation of a climate chamber for proofing and cooling with an innovative, energy-saving ultrasonic-based Dry Misting humidification system for the manufacture of high quality products in bakeries. The NanoBAK2 project is supported by the European Commission.

Key words: Food waste reduction, Costs savings, Energy savings, Weight savings, Product quality improvement


Leaflet Bread

In this leaflet you will find more information about the applications and advantages of Dry Misting®, as well as more information about Contronics.