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Globally, half of all food produced for human consumption is wasted every year. At Contronics we believe that number must and can change. Our solution: Dry Misting.

The average humidity in a supermarket is remarkably low. This low humidity causes fruits and vegetables on the fresh produce department to dry out, lose weight and nutrients and look less appealing to the customer. Resulting in lower sales rates and higher waste flows.

Dry Misting prevents this process by imitating the natural effect of morning fog on a field, keeping fresh produce cool and hydrated. This innovative technology is proven to be a highly effective solution for retailers to reduce their waste flows, minimalize plastic packaging and save money all at the same time.

How it works

Dry Misting is an innovative technology that spreads tiny drops of water in the air creating a thin layer of mist. As the mist evaporates, the humidity rises and the temperature drops naturally. When applied on fresh products, Dry Misting results in retaining freshness, color and nutrients. Extending the shelf life of these products up to twice as long and hereby reducing food waste.


On average, a supermarket with Dry Misting wastes over 25% less fruit and vegetables than a supermarket without Dry Misting. Additionally, the rapid payback time (1-2 years), savings on labor costs and improvements on customer experience help retailers to increase margins on the fresh produce department.

Each Dry Misting system is able to cut the waste of fruits and vegetables by up to 33 tons annually. In addition, Dry Misting has enables retailers to scale down the plastic packaging of their fruit and vegetables. In this way, a potential saving of 7,000 tons of plastic can be achieved globally.

Clean and safe

Every Dry Misting installation is equipped with a water filter and flushing system, making the mist 100% clean and safe.


Dry Misting helps retailers to:

Increase margins

Optimize customer experience

Lower waste flows

Add quality image

Improve freshness

Extend shelf life

Save on labor costs

Reduce plastic packaging


Retailers about Dry Misting:

“Thanks to Dry Misting I was able to reduce food waste on my fresh produce department with 50%”

“After the installation of Dry Misting, the customer satisfaction on my fresh produce department has increased by 20%”

“Dry Misting has helped me to save 10 to 15 hours of labor per week”  


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